Developing programs that empower communities

Program development & coaching

We develop innovative, asset-centered programs by executing complex projects from concept to completion. We can give your organization guidance and tools to fulfill its mission.

Research, analysis & data visualization

We work to understand what people think, feel, have, and need. Then we synthesize the information to be easily consumable so we can take concrete action and partner on solutions.

Strategic planning & facilitation

We engage colleagues, partners, contributors, and participants to help develop a strategic direction that serves complementary goals that are both aspirational and attainable.

About Akoben Organizing

Founded by Kevin Hill, Akoben Organizing is a community-centered consultancy focused on inter-organizational research, capacity-building, and program development. We work with nonprofits, community groups, foundations, and government entities to empower marginalized communities.

Recent Projects

The Black Lives Voter Guide consolidates the perspectives of Black social justice leaders across Oakland, to help educate voters on the candidates believed to be the most progressive change-agents and the measures expected to best uplift people in marginalized communities.

The Black Youth Development Book is a directory of Black-led educational programs for youth in Oakland. The BYD Book helps families and caregivers of Black youth in Oakland find community-led programs that educate and nurture our children from preschool through young adulthood.

These programs range from literacy to mentorship, health & wellness, STEM, arts, African-centered curriculum, college support, career prep, and much more.

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